Flash Back Fashion Coachella. The Actresses.

In the spirit of Coachella over the next three days we will be looking back over the years of the festival style from The Models, The Musicians & The Actresses that grace the grassy fields.

 It seems only right to start of with the Queen of Coachella. Yes you guess it Kate Bosworth. Kate is freakin’ festival fabulous year after year. We’re sure this year will be no exception, is it sad that we are excited to see what she will be wearing?

kate bosworth coachella 2014  If Kate Bosworth is the Queen of Coachella then Vanessa Hudgens has to be the Princess, her boho style married with the ever cool Coachella seems to work too well for our envious brains.

vanessa hudgens coachella 2014 No Coachella fashion rundown would be completely without Lily Collins, Emma Watson & of course Alexa. We know she isn’t strictly an actress but she’s on TV so we are throwing her in with these lot!

EMMA WATSON coachella 2014What is your favourite look from the festival that kicks off festival season?

Let us know below






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