Introducing…Hero’s Heroines.

mrs carter vs gosling

Top Left-Top//Skirt//Shoes Top Right- Top//Jeans//Shoes

Bottom Left- Top//Skirt//Shoes Bottom Right-Top//Shorts//Shoes (Coming Soon)

We have just introduced the brand new brand Hero’s Heroines to the Own The Runway family; we are slightly obsessed with the concept behind this brand wearing your favourite celebs name like a member of a celebrity football team. We don’t care what you say we love a good fan girl moment and these tees are the ultimate for any Ryan Gosling or Beyonce fan.MRS CARTER


These t-shirts are not only amazing but they are so soft, quickly climbing to the top of our lazy day clothing pile. We tend to write off our comfy t-shirts as just casual wear but we think these teams with a PVC pencil skirt and heels will make for the perfect “oh this old thing” outfit.



Now the hard part…are you Team Gosling or Team Mrs Carter? We cannot decide, in fact OTR HQ is split 50/50 on which is tee is the best. Let us know your favourite on Twitter using the hashtags #teamgosling or #teammrscarter.

For all products featured in this post check out our website here


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