How We’re Styling…Shorts



Shorts can be a nice change to always wearing a skirt, dress or jeans. They are a summer staple and we are bringing you three very different looks. 


1.Holiday Night Time Look. 

This adorable outfit is perfect for those warm holiday evenings, we love a good boogie while we are on our jollies and we want to look cute and not be over heating. No-one likes a shiny face. These shorts will look super cute on the beach with a black bikini and you can match the top to a nice maxi skirt so the outfit is major versatile. 

2. Festival.

Shorts are a festival must have, these distressed acid wash pair are super comfy and have that perfect festival edge.  Now although we wish that every festival was during a sunny and dry weekend living in the UK that just does not happen, waterproof shoes and coats are a must have. This clear matte mac protects you from that pesky rain yet adds an edge to your festival look, don’t be seen without it this festival season. 

3. Date Night.


This floral two piece is so adorable, we want every night to be date night so we can wear it over and over. Add a simple white cami & matching heels for an effortless yet put together look. 


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